Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to the Grindstone/School

This font reminds me of school and makes total sense to use it in honor of today's layouts.  They are all about Back to School. I didn't go for the extra credit points, so they are pretty minimal and simple, but that's the way I roll.  Come to think about it I should get extra credit.  I scrapped in the dark.  Crazy road crew working on improving the streets around my home feel it is ok to turn off the power whenever they wish.  Even when the most important elements on a layout is being contemplated. Gah! So there I was - perched on the edge of my seat vacillating on the placement of a die cut thingie and whammo the lights went out.  Whatever.  I continued and sadly I have to admit, I scrap better in the dark.  Go figure.  Here's what I came up with:  

Working with the same kit - Studio Calico Continental - that I have been using for over two weeks.  How many layouts can you make from one Studio Calico kit?  Well, it is endless.  I think I have enough supplies for two more layouts. 

In regard to the layouts, the top layout is Emily.  Grade 2. It seems Hello Kitty is her new best friend.  Either that or she is hiding the fact that she has to wear a uniform.  The second is  Jake.  Grade 6.  He had a rough start this year.  Someone stole all his school supplies the first day. All is good now, but it was touch and go for a few hours on whether he was going to go back for a second day or drop out.  He chose wisely.  Truly, he did not have a choice, but what matters is that he thinks he did.  OK...the third layout is Nick.  Grade 8.  Holy cow....grade 8. I had to be sneaky about taking photos at the bus stop.  The kids go to a charter school, which is grades K through 8.  This is the only reason I still have photos of Nick.  We blame it on  the Fairness Factor.  I have to be there to take photos of his little sister.  Fair is fair.  HA! He's just lucky I don't chase the bus to school and wave like a mad man like I used to. Now that is embarrassing. 


Briana Johnson said...

oh you are making me want to dive into continental. I haven't made a single thing with mine. But it was a great kit, from what I remember : ) Man, the kids are really growing up, the fairness factor, I gotta remember that one.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

you did those in the dark!?? wow.. power to you!

lisa truesdell said...

loooooooooove these. and i'm impressed at you scrapping in the dark!

Zorina said...

Happy Schoolyear 2010! Time flies so fast, right? I adored all 3 LOs made with love in the......dark. Aww!
I wonder when can I go back to subscribing to SC goodness, it's been a while...but u know why I had to stop. uhmmmm, yeah NO MORE space to put extra kits. House is now a Baby Central. have a good week, Ms. D!

Ki said...

WOW, look at all those pages! You're a scrapping machine! Fabulous!