Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scrap Kits and Bob Barker...Let's Discuss

I'm on a quest.  Sounds ominous, doesn't it?  Well, basically I am on a quest to once and for all use up every single item in a Studio Calico kit.  I bet you thought the quest was going to be something serious and important, like ending world hunger or boarding the Bob Barker and saving the whales.  Ummm....you need to watch Whale Wars on Animal Planet, if you don't get that last remark.  Speaking of Whale Wars, I get why they named one ship the Steve Irwin, but why is the other named the Bob Barker?  If anyone has an answer, please tell me why?  It can't be all about spaying and neutering cats and dogs.  Or can it?  Anyway....the layout below is the sixth layout I've made with the Continental Kit.  Seeing that some of my kits sit unused this is stellar in the book of Denise.  I came across a challenge posted by Waleska and Celine that intrigued me.  The challenge was to use themed items on a non-theme layout.  Check it out HERE.  This is my take:

In non-scrapping news, much like almost all of the US, today was the first day of school.  A few snaps of how my morning went:
LOL  OK...that is funny.  Lots of yawns and sleepiness.  They went to bed early, but couldn't fall asleep due to first day jitters.  Poor kids.  Hopefully they will sleep better tonight.  Here are a few better shots:

Well, that's that for today. River Monsters is on.  I have to go learn about Killer Snakehead Fish.  Who am I kidding?  I am watching it to catch the hot host - Jeremy Wade.  Don't hate.  Good lord...what an accent.  This dang Animal Planet Channel.


mommy2alex said...

I haven't ever seen Whale Wars, but now I'm intruiged!
Cute layout, I need to do that challenge - heck I need to do any challenge at all, anything scrappy at this point!!
I love your photos and the editing is fab!
Hope day 2 is going well :)

GretaB said...

Bob Barker. Hmmm... I was trying to think of an outrageous story or reason, but my brain isn't functioning at that pace today.

You are on fire with your scrapping! You seem like you're well on your way to using up your kit. I need to do that times about 20 or more. Yikes!

Lol on the first back to school photo. The others are so fun though with the retro vibe/frame.