Friday, September 10, 2010

The Hmmm Pose

Did a bit more scrapping this week.  I thought I might as well scrap, since the Vikings were being trounced by the Saints.  Not that I watch football that much, but my little scrappin' friend, Judi, was poking me with a stick ...I mean a Super Bowl ring all day long saying her team was all that and a bag of beignets.  I had to back the Vikings with the fervor of a....ummmm....drunken Viking.  Skol Vikings!  A quarter into the game and I realized scrapping and watching Destination Truth was probably a better way to spend the evening.  If only I had one of those beignets, my night would have been complete.  

So I whipped out the remaining pieces of the Studio Calico kit I am trying to eradicate and worked on the current Sunday Sketch.  Here is the sketch based on Nicole Harper's Just Be Still layout:

Nice, right?  You can see Nik's original layout by clicking on the Sunday Sketch link above.  It is a gorgeous layout.  Here is my take:


OK...what the hummingbird has to do with anything on the layout I do not know.  I just thought he needed to be slapped on.  In other words he was the right size.  Let's say it is a metaphor for living a life with a little poser.  Does that even make sense?  In my world it actually does.  Scary.

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GretaB said...

Nicely done on the layout! Great pose from Emily too. :) I think I like your way of spending the evening better too - scrapping is much better than football.