Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Laugh

You just have to laugh. This boy is changing fast. All of a sudden he shot up a foot and his voice started cracking. He's a little gangly and out of proportion, because of this imbetween stage. Some days I look at him and think wow he looks so mature and then he grabs his brother's underwear and gives him a snuggie. Mature? Maybe not. He is a notorious tickler. You can never sit quietly around him. You must always be on guard or you will find yourself with (like I stated before) your underwear stretched over your head or your feet in his vise-like grip being tortured with tickles. He gives bee bites (tiny skin pinches) and snake bits (skin twists). You want to get mad, but he does this while laughing hysterically. He laughs constantly and this makes us laugh, so that's what we do...we laugh.


Elisa said...

Love the LO, love what you wrote about him in the blog. Maybe you can add it to the LO or to another one?

Susan Beth said...

Sounds like a pretty cool guy to be around - as long as he doesn't give me a snuggie!

Hey, I tagged you on my blog. Hope you can play along - figuring you might have a great photo to share!

mom2ee said...

great fun, how special that you get to share "in him" ..really like the use of the flower on a "boy page"

Anilu Magloire said...

Gotta love kids!
Absolutely love the simplicity of this page and the way you did the journaling is perfect.

Greta said...

Okay, he could totally fit in at my house. He sounds like my kind of kid. And, reading this makes me think of one of my nieces who is a complete giggle box. She will start telling a joke and start laughing so hard that she can't get the joke out. But we can't help but laugh because it is contagious.

By the way - I agree with Elisa...what you wrote here would be great to add to the layout, or another one.

Jenn said...

I think you could be talking about my son, Caleb. At 13 (just had his bday last month) he is already
6'41/2" and the voice is changing too. And he has one of those really infectious laughs....heck I'm giggling just thinking about him! Good LO!