Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BASB Challenge 14

OMG...it's me x 4. That quite possibly may be more than anyone can handle, including my mother. Well, to be honest she made me, so she can deal with it. LOL! The layout above was done for the 14th BASB Challenge hosted by the stunning and creative Mye. Her challenge is ALL ABOUT SELF. This is the challenge in her words:
I want you to create a layout/mini/canvas (or anything your little heart desires) about yourself. Easy right.....well there are a few rules:
1. include a recent self portrait
2. No talk about being a mother, or wife because we are more than that
3. And do not talk about what you do for a living because we are more than that too.
I want you to create a layout strictly about yourself, and yourself ONLY! We as women are always putting ourselves last, so for this challenge I want you to be all about you! Create something about who you really are! So get those timers or that camera remote ready or just capture yourself in the mirror. Doesn't really matter how, just get in the photo! So get busy and get selfish!!!
Now if you have read my blog for awhile you know I am all about me. I am so into me that sometimes I even believe it. Sometimes. The day I was making the my layout - not so much. I was having one of those "my butt is too big and my hair is too limp" kind of days. That's normal. We all doubt ourselves at times. I think it's good to have a layout to reflect that. I want to make another layout when I am feeling all sassy, a.k.a. The ALL THAT Attitude. But for now...I really think my hair is limp and my butt is big. Aye yi yi. On a good note...see those gorgeous flowers? My buddy and honorary sister, Dawn, made those for me. Aren't they stunning? She is so dang talented. Plus she loves David Cook and well...I agree that he is the bee's knees.
Enjoy your Tuesday! I hope you are able to join in on the challenge. Go on...get selfish. :o)


aimee said...

WOW GIRL! i love it! i am rethinking mine now...

Kimberly said...

Super layout. Love the design.

Nicole said...

lol Denise...i love to read your journaling. awesome page as well!!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

wow denise! i love this! what is that stitching around the border! awesome!

Kimber-Leigh said...

love this denise! the stitching...and that cutie little bird at the bottom!

dawn said...

I think that David Cook is the bees knees (and then some!) too. We have good taste. Yes, and on most days, I think that my butt is too big and my hair is limp, but then I remember that I do ROCK and so do you! Fab-u-lous job with the flowers. I think that I need to make ME some of those. I seem to have given all mine away...LOL! :-)

Houston said...

The colors are stunning in that layout, and no four of you isn't too many ;)

Anonymous said...

what a great layout :)