Monday, June 1, 2009

MBC, a.k.a. Motivation by Challenge

A few of us were emailing last Friday and came to the conclusion that we needed a little scrapping motivation for the weekend. That is when the mayhem began. We drew up a list of challenges and these are a few of the results:
Menu Challenge: Greta provided four courses with multiple choices. You compiled your menu and then she sent you what you had to use on your layout. I had to use: a transparency for the base, two photos ( no attention to the third), sewing: hand or machine, and a butterfly. Here's the outcome:
Joy of joys...the Slice works on fabric. I applied fabric stiffener and let it dry then "Sliced" away. Cut like butter. Not joy of joys...taking a photo of a transparency is difficult. You have to deal with fingerprints, glare, bugs smacking into the layout, etc. I'm not lying about the was a baby grasshopper and it splatted right on my layout as I was getting ready to snap the photo. I like grasshoppers, so it survived....for now. The kraft paper is not part of the layout. I just needed something solid behind the transparency for the photo. Anyway...there you go...dinner.
Work Challenge: Use only items you can find at work. In other words, how to scrap at work when you didn't bring good stuff. This is what I came up with. Honestly, it's ugly, but when you can't add a bit of October Afternoon, Cosmo or Sassafras it most likely will be.
My non-traditional item list included: bubble wrap, half dry black ink pad, red re-inker, a paper plate, computer/Photoshop, staples, copy paper, rolodex divider, foam tape, scotch tape and thank goodness I can access Flickr at work. Journaling is a bit hard to see. It says: Emily's first jump of the year. She sure can bounce. Yeah...I journal so well. That will bite me some day.
I also finished the 14th Challenge for BASB. Can't show that yet. Mye is hosting this challenge and it is a fun one! Check back tomorrow if you wish. You won't be sorry. You get to see a big happy photo of me. What more could you ask for?
One challenge layout left. I need to complete a layout containing a photo without a person in it. I am kind of an alien at times, so I wonder if a self-portrait would be allowable in this instance. Probably not. I'll figure it out. Well, add another project to my list. I just signed up to do an ATC for Alisa. Alisa was a wonderful girl that was a big part of Studio Calico. She was so supportive, funny and friendly. Alisa died a couple of weeks ago and she will be missed by her family and friends as well as the entire community of SC. Emily Pitts is organizing a project for her family that is wonderful. You choose one of her quotes that she left on SC and make an ATC. I choose this quote:
Posted: Thu, Jul 17 2008 at 02:50PM on True Life Stories > Happiness is...
My daughters grooving in their room, dancing to 70's funk, Brick House, anyone?
new water lily blooming, and a resident green frog!
I cannot wait to work on this. I wish we would have met in person. I think we would have gotten along really well.
Enjoy your night!


vtpuggirl said...

Very cool layouts, still LOL about your comments on my blog and the bugs smacking into your layouts! I've had a lot of problems photographing layouts, but that's a new one to me. LOL :)

walesk said...

whoa! a few things...
#1- whoa! yeah, I already said that but really. whoa!
#2- is this what you call ugly? because in that case I will most not share my office layout with you. I mean, it really hurts my eyes.
#3- I'm glad you tried the fabric. I bought that stiffy stuff a while ago but of course it's just collecting dust. now I know for sure it won't be a waste of time and money and that it really works. thanks!
#4- you rock!! :)

walesk said...

and I meant mUst. ugh. stupid typos :P

Barb said...

Ooohh! I need to get in on these inspiration conversations. I haven't made anything in AGES!

dawn said...

OMG!! I LOVE your work supply LO! Bubble wrap, red re-inker...Fab-u-lous!!! WOW! Very must have a lot of free time on your hands...LOL!! JK!! I love all your work girl! You make me smile!! :-)

karen m. (akaliz) said...

ooh, we go. was trying to post. i already emailed but i wanted to say how flippin' funny it would be to really see you painting bubble wrap at your desk at work. that would be a layout all by itself!

love how you used the mm tiny alphas on the flower layout.

aimee said...

oh my! your work layout is awesome! i wished i worked so i could do one...ok...that is a lie...don't want to work ;)
your creativity is awesome as usual