Thursday, June 4, 2009

In My Garden: Part One - Spring

I love gardening and could ramble on about it forever. I probably will...dang...sorry in advance. When it comes to gardening I think I know everything. I really don't and that makes me dangerous. Only in the garden. Well, maybe in other places, but we won't get into that here...yet. When I say I love to garden...I do. I just hate doing the work. I am a lazy gardener with no money to hire a hot gardener to help me out. So I do the work with help from my nephews, niece, sister, mom and a few neighbor friends. They work mostly for pool privileges and Sonic treats. They are awesome and I appreciate each and everyone of them. With my lazy love of gardening I have four rules:
1. If a plant is fussy and requires constant attention - it gets yanked. Nothing is allowed to be more high maintenance than me.
2. Some weeds are allowed to grow until they reach knee high. I have a no bending rule in regards to weeding. Of course, the niece and nephews have knees closer to the ground. By the time they reach my knees there really aren't that many for me to get. Yippee for Sonic labor.
3. Read all the books and magazines you can about gardening. Research websites. Watch HGTV and DIY. Talk to all the gardening gurus you can find and then realize a lot of what they say is overkill bupkiss. See rule #4. Learning to garden is trial and error. Sure there are right and wrongs, but someone else's right and wrongs most likely won't always be yours.
4. Find shortcuts for everything. Most "pro" gardeners hate shortcuts. They are tied to the old school rules. Sure they work, but you waste a lot of time and end up with an aching body. Whatever. Short cuts work, too. Anyway...just remember most pros have a show on HGTV and a dozen assistants helping them off camera. They can preach about digging holes and burying their roses for winter AND still look and feel good due to the assistants doing all the work. Hello you, Chick, but we all know the truth.
That's it. That's all. It works for me. It can work for you. If you want to garden, just have fun and if you don't have time to scrap or chat along with gardening, it's work and you need to reevaluate. Well, unless you like work and no time to scrap.
Speaking of scrapping, the above layout was done for the Scrap Your Crap challenge on using packaged embellishments. I used K & Co. number brads and a package of daisy buttons. This layout is also for a motivating challenge between a few of my scrapping friends - do a layout with photos without people in it. Done.

Sidenote: I did not get my free rootbeer float from Sonic last night. I was watching my niece and nephew last night and Jake wanted a treat way before 8:00 free time rolled around. Oh well...had to pay and it was still good. My newest love...lime cream slushes. Here comes another weight gain. Hip hip hooray...not.
Have a great Thursday. Thanks for stopping by. :o)


Tonya said...

Love the clean lines of this!!! Plus, I think this is a fab LO topic!!!

Anne aka Anniescraps said...

Love your style... and hummm I have everything but number nine on your gardening menu :-) I do have roses though and wild straberries and oh well the wild weed list could go on and on... :-)

aimee said...

can i use fake flowers as a short cut? just askin ;)

aimee said...

oops...almost forgot LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the layout

Mye said...

Oh, this is too cute. I want those numbers, where did you get those?

Ki said...

This is stunning! Wish my garden looked like that!

Anonymous said...

love the layout!! those numbers are so cute!!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I LOVE your layout! What an awesome design, and I love those number brads! Your sense of humor cracks me up!!!

lauren said...

CUTE!!! And I don't think I would have realized the numbers were brads if ya hadn't shown the detail!

Kimber-Leigh said...

that might be one of my fave layouts of yours! LOVE it!

and i was so bummed when i looked at my calendar today and realized that i missed the free rootbeer floats yesterday too. this is why i shoudl at least glance at my calendar each day!

Greta Adams said...

LOVE your gardening rules!!
they cracked me up!!
i have tomatoes does that count for gardening?? tee hee

thanks for playing

JennO said...

Love your gardening rules...Especially the knee high weed bit. heh heh. If only I had a Sonic and could bribe some work with it.

Awesome layout!!

Greta said...

You can talk to me all day about gardening. Just know that even if you tell me to do something, I might not...because by the time I get around to it, I either forgot or it's too late or I want to try something easier because I'm lazy. You get the picture.

And your layout... it's awesome! Those brads are so cool and work perfectly for this layout. :)

Andrea said...

Hi its andiphant from shuttercal, loving your blog. Really great garden LO, love the sketch. I will have to come browse some more another time but for now its getting close to bedtime. Stop by my blog sometime if you like :)

KimmyS said...

This is freakin brilliant!!! I adore how you used those numbers, that is WAY WAY cute!