Friday, June 5, 2009

Pinwheels A-Plenty

Happy Friday! Today is the last day of school for Nick, Jake and Em. I find it funny that they make them come in for a final day, but release them at noon. That is dumb. I say keep them all day or don't accept them at all. Makes sense, don't you think? Well, Nick is missing his last day, because he is sick. Poor "Not So" Little guy. Honestly, 7th grade next year? When did someone take the rock off his head and let him grow? Sure wasn't me. I hate change.
Well, let's get to the point of this and the junk I make. I say junk in a loving manner. I would hate for someone to read that and then receive it in the mail. They might think I don't value them and really think I am sending them crap. Whatever...I am overthinking here. So the pinwheel cards were made for a challenge on Studio Calico. All you had to do was make a card, layout or other project and put a pinwheel on it. Easy. Done. Mixed it up a bit for the orange card and used a border punch along the...ehhh...border...duh.
The card below has no pinwheel, but wanted to be posted anyway. Just a blank easy card. The ivory dots in the center of the flower are beads. A friend gave me a bunch of "junk" jewelry, which I quickly pulled apart as I have no use for jewelry unless it is $1000 or over. Kidding. I like $500 stuff, too. Who am I kidding? I don't wear jewelry. I am a gem all on my own. Gag.

On that note...I will say goodbye. Thanks for stopping by and putting up with me. Don't believe anything you hear. I am clean of all drugs. The ramblings found here are the real me. So sad.


Kimber-Leigh said...

LOVE your cards denise. great idea to punch the border too! i'll have to steal that one from you! ha!

and i'm like you...i hate change too.

jennie said...

I am totalling lovin those cards! I will certainly be creating some pinwheels and now I will be looking at my junk jewels differently;)

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

LOL you crack me up! Love the cards! Those pinwheels are too cute!

karen m. (akaliz) said...

you are cracking me up right now. i say that sometimes too and then i think that people would think the same thing. i try to refrain from making comments regarding my 'crap'. but you know we love your crap. anyone who appreciates it at all knows it's not crap.

i always say, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.' sometimes i regret that and wish i had changed things, but when i don't listen to my mantra, i end up getting screwed.

Lyn said...

beautiful cards! love the pinwheels, i want to try that today! happy start of summer for you!

dawn said...

Some day I would relly like to just come and hang out with you. I mean it! Your cards are awesome and I would treasure them if you sent me one...hint...hint...

I made a pin wheel LO last year. I saw the idea in a magazine. It is not one of my favorites. I liked the idea, just not the result.

Greta said...

The cards are awesome! The pinwheel ones especially have me smiling. They are so fun, summery and cute. Love the one with the punched border.

p.s. I didn't move the rock. I don't like change either.